Andy Sanesi
Percussionist for Lady Gaga, Eminem, Scott Henderson, Black Baptista

“The charts are really professional and easy to read. They
don't have too much superfluous information to clutter the readers view. More often than not in an effort to try and be thorough chart
writer's put too much information on the staff. These charts have the
exact amount of information necessary for the player to interpret the
music their way which shows a trust in the player to make their own
musical choices… I wish the charts I read on my gigs looked this good! Now they can. Thanks!!!”

Don Peake
Member of the Wrecking Crew
Inductee, Musicians Hall of Fame, Nashville Tenn.

“I was very impressed with your charts. They are very legible and not too many bars in a stave. As an experienced sight reader and studio dog, I really appreciate seeing a chart I can play right the first time…”

Voyce McGinley
Percussionist for Cirque du Soleil, Deniece Williams, and Stevie Wonder

“… first class job in chart preperation. Not only are the arrangements concise and easy to read, but the turnaround time for getting those charts back into the client's hands are unparalleled.
Because I generally played multiple percussion instruments, I sometimes need walking distance between from myself and the music stand... The charts are so clean, I can read them from 5-feet away !!!"

Mark Shark
Author, Guitarist for John Trudell, Terry Evans and JoeL Rafael
“These are the best charts. This work is accurate, neat, and professional. Your work was a great help to me for my book (The Tao of Tunings-Hal Leonard Publications)…”

Diana Harris:
Los Angeles based touring artist.

“I had my first gig of the tour tonight.  We rehearsed twice. Because of your brilliant work the gig was incredibly tight n' amazing. I just can't thank you enough, and believe me the band can't thank you enough for making their job easier.”